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At the beginning of 2018, Circuit Media turned its focus to environmental messaging through the creation of Circuit Media Green (CM Green), an initiative to promote a greener and cleaner workplace and community. For the successful launch of the initiative and its first community-focused campaign, “Shake It, Don’t Waste It” (paper towel reduction), Circuit Media tasked Locus Studios with providing social media, graphic design, web design and videography/animation services.


Locus Studios met with the CM Green project managers to discuss the vision and goals for the initiative as well as its first and future campaigns. The Locus team developed and received approval for an overall design concept, which could easily and effectively be adapted across the CM Green website, social media posts and marketing collateral, such as stickers, t-shirts, posters, B-cycle (Denver’s bicycle share program) advertisements and dog bandanas. The result was an eye-catching, easily recognizable and modifiable look.

Social Media interaction

Locus Studios created the following graphics and animations for the @cm_green Instagram account. In addition to liking, commenting and sharing the @cm_green Instagram posts, followers are able to download images directly from the CM Green website to spread the movement through their own social media accounts.

Adhering to the agreed-upon CM Green design concept, Locus designers came up with social media campaign strategy for “Shake It, Don’t Waste It”, which highlighted various facts about paper towel waste through both graphic design and animation. Additionally, our social media experts established a comprehensive social media schedule to ensure posts debuted at peak times and days. Locus Studios also made sure to establish specific, measurable goals and collected metrics throughout the campaign to determine success.


Having established an easily adaptable and recognizable design concept from the project’s onset, Locus Studios seamlessly developed eye-catching designs for a number of marketing collateral, such as stickers, posters, t-shirts, dog bandanas, and B-cycle advertisements. Prior to designing, we extensively brainstormed what could comprise a comprehensive marketing package that would be practical, unique, and effective for both the initiative and campaign. This allowed CM Green to be able to distribute marketing materials as standalone pieces or as a robust media kit.

Web Design

In support of the CM Green marketing plan, Locus Studios designed, developed, and currently maintains the platform, We met with key CM Green project stakeholders to understand and define the needs, goals and constraints of the new website. To streamlined feedback and approval, we supplied the client with wireframes and prototypes at established key points throughout the website’s development. Resulting in, a fast turnaround for a fully functioning, dynamic, and detailed website the client loved despite strict timeline and resource constraints. The final product includes original graphics, photographs, and copy across six pages, as well as a variety of interactive elements such as an interactive map, a fillable form, file download, and an instagram gallery.

videography & Animation

For CM Green’s social media and website, Locus Studios leveraged its videography and animation talent to further capture and spread the CM Green and “Shake It, Don’t Waste It” missions. Locus Studios videographers and animators created 7 short videos to give life to the number of facts surrounding paper towel waste and reduction. One video showcases the different marketing collateral developed for the “Shake It, Don’t Waste It” campaign all in one place. CM Green utilized the produced videos on both its website and social media accounts.