An original, award-winning publication that is distributed and read by the majority of Denver’s legal community

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Law Week Colorado is the state’s only weekly newspaper for lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel and the legal community. As the only studio working on Law Week, our team brainstorms concepts with the editorial team for the cover art and infographic pieces, several of which have won recognition from the Colorado chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. In addition, we assist Law Week’s sales team to develop internal and external advertising, and we develop marketing materials for Law Week’s in-house podcast, “Hearsay.”


Work with Law Week Colorado’s editorial team to create a unique cover and interior graphics, photography, multimedia features and advertising that reflect the contents of the paper on a weekly basis.


An original, award-winning publication that is distributed and read by the majority of Denver’s legal community.

Branding & strategy

Playing off traditional newspaper themes, the Law week logo evokes a timeless aesthetic through the use of a recognizable serif typeface. The set color palette is black and blue, which is intended to reflect the legal target audience while also placing emphasis on themes of professionalism, stability and trust. Although there is a set color palette, the logo can also be represented in a variety of colors, specifically when it is used on the cover of the publication.

layout design

Layout design is a challenging task to manage each week, with Law Week being a weekly publication, following strict deadlines and quick turnaround times are crucial to ensure the paper is submitted on time and error-free each Friday. Although time is tight, that doesn’t mean creativity goes out the door. Locus Studios works closely with the editorial team to determine the best strategy to highlight the content on an ongoing basis in addition to identifying recurring design features that can be used throughout the year.



Each week, custom cover art is created to reflect the issue topic of the week. Prior to the design phase, our team meets with the editorial team to talk about concepts through brainstorming and collaboration. Due to the variety of subjects covered within the publication, designs have to follow suit. Custom illustrations, photo collage/manipulation, typography and photography are commonly used approaches within our designs.


 Much like our cover design process, Locus Studios applies the same methods to the graphic design completed for Law Week.


Each week, infographics are pitched during our editorial meeting with the aims to further engage readers by providing added context to the stories that are pitched. The result is a wide variety of graphics that range in size and style.


Advertising also plays a large role in the graphic design deliverables. Throughout the year Locus Studios creates, updates and corrects client and in-house ads used in the paper. This service allows the studio to showcase our ability to promote a clear message while following brand standards and client direction.

videography & Animation

To add value to key stories, the video production team collaborates with the assigned reporters for each of the stories at hand and works to schedule and execute video shoots in parallel with the reporter’s scheduled interviews and other fact-gathering activities. As the content is produced, the video producer and reporter collaborate on the relationship between the written story and video version to ensure a synergistic experience between the video content and story for the reader/viewer.


“Hearsay,” Law Week’s in-house podcast,allows Locus studios to flex all of its creative muscles. From advertising and digital designs to sound recording and mixing, our team is allowed to create a wide abundance of work in a variety of platforms.


General Podcasting Excellence

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Feature Page Design

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